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Facility Management

Facility Management At Work

If you leave any house unlived for a long period of time, it is bound to accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. This is an issue most of our NRI clients have faced.  Cleaning months of dust off the walls is an arduous task. To solve this problem, the house needs regular cleaning. Atwork Services provide monthly cleaning services so that your investment is perpetually maintained in a pristine condition. And, for those looking to move into a home, they have a home deep cleaning service so that you can be at ease. Atwork Services hosts a team of highly trained professionals who hold your property to the highest respect. They ensure that your windows are squeaky clean, ceilings are cobweb-free, tiles are glistening and, much more so that the home you enter looks fresh, just like the day it was constructed.

Interior Design - Studio Arpana


As you wrap up the initial payments and start planning the move into your new home, you must have been bothered with the question of how you would like to decorate the rooms. You might plan to repaint the walls, install new furniture and, upholstery and planning what goes where. Or maybe you might be looking for some items to match your current furniture. Ar. Soham Shah and Ar. Trushali Galodia, Studio Arpana deals in consultancy for architecture, interior design and product design. They take the clients brief and turn it into a wholesome experience tailored to meet your requirements within your budget. Good interior designing can change an individual’s lifestyle since the functions of their space blends in seamlessly with their routine. They have treated every project with the same consistency, diligence and passion over their 10 years of experience.


Home Financing - Real Value Finloan

Real Value Home Financing
A home is a very special place. It is where you return to every day, where you spend most of your weekends. It is the place where you call your friends, make memories with your family. It is a major part of your life and owning the home you dreamed of can be a source of both pride and happiness. As important as a financial decision as the choosing of a home is, it is no reason to curb your dreams. Real Value Finloan Services offers a transparent and quick home loan.  Their representatives are there to guide you through the entire process right from choosing the offer to disbursement of the loan amount.

Maintenance - Swift Serve


Before moving into your new home, it is imperative to make sure that the hardware and electricals are functioning properly. Dealing with leaky faucets, fluctuating electric connections, or water dripping from the ceilings while living in the house is a great hassle.  So, we have Swift Serve to provide maintenance services including but not limited to plumbing, electrical repairs, waterproofing, and AC maintenance. They are very strict in following a hygiene routine before and after services. And their friendly approach helps to put the clients at ease knowing that the task is in safe hands.


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